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As we are into tennis, we are also into reading and sharing sensible sounding investment ideas. Many people who enjoy tennis also enjoy investing - we are of that group.

Here are a few articles that we found interesting that we would like to share.

*Remember whether you invest in the stock market, invest in land or what ever there is risk involved and we by no means recommend or endorse any particular type of investment. We simply are sharing thoughts and ideas - it's up to you to make your own investment decisions.

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Learning to Make Money from Raw Land Investment Ideas
by: Shashank Srivastava

Conventional wisdom says that land investment is usually a long-term investment that requires patience and many years of waiting before one can reap substantial profits. The Land Institute, Inc has dispelled this long held notion and is demonstrating to the average investor that raw land investment can reap substantial rewards in the short term…..if you know how to.

The land investment experts at The Land Institute(TLI) have demonstrated through its courses that they can buy and sell a piece of raw land within 60 days for a profit. They do this through a 5-step process, which are as follows:

1. Locate the land
2. Evaluate the land’s market value
3. Take control of the land
4. Subdivide the land into smaller parcels
5. Sell it quickly for a profit

Raw land investment is an excellent investment vehicle because 70% of the country is covered with vacant land. With so much land available, there is abundant opportunity for everyone to make some money.

Some of the best land investment opportunities are not advertised in the media and can be found by simply driving along the countryside, outside the city and looking for a ‘land for sale’ sign.

According to the land investment experts at TLI, one of the ways to look for a motivated seller is to look for landowners who are not locals. Very often, people who are not local do not have the time to manage and maintain their land. They also often become frustrated when dealing with the local county. An easy way to look for a non-local landowner is to visit the courthouse and check the records there. Once the landowners have been identified, the next step is to contact them by phone or mail to check if they are interested to sell their land.

To succeed in raw land investment, it is important to network and build a team of support associates over time. It is important not to do everything yourself. This is where delegation and outsourcing becomes an essential part of managing the deal. As an investor, one will need people who can support us in diverse areas such as finance, law, sales, marketing, etc.

Many sellers face difficulty selling their land quickly as they do not know how to package their land in such a way that it is useful to potential buyers. At TLI, students are taught how to purchase land at a bargain and add value to the land before selling it for a huge profit. They are also taught how to look for motivated sellers and deal with potential problems related to zoning, bad contractors and county approvals.

Stock Market Investment Ideas Or Gambling? What Is The Difference
by: Amy Goodmann

The art of speculating in one form or another has been around forever.

When it comes to speculating, there are always three things that you can be sure of – there will be always people willing to speculate, there will always be people who will love to play the game with the first group. Lastly history can be counted on to repeat itself.

Sure the object of speculation may change, the rules may change and the technology may change. But in the end it is always the same.

However what has happened before is 100 %sure to happen again. You can count on it. Everyone thinks always that they are so original when it always the same story again and again. Whether it is tulip bulbs, precious metals, mutual funds, lottery tickets or penny stocks human nature is human nature.

Ignorance, greed, fear and hope determine how people react and thus how prices move and markets behave. People have speculated on everything at one time or another,

For the last hindered years and certainly into the foreseeable future speculating on stock prices offers liquidity combined with legitimacy and purpose. Stock speculation, trading and investing have become an essential and vital parts of both our economy and our lives.

Trading is just another word for speculating and investing is nothing more than speculating, except that it supposedly encompasses a longer time horizon and for some odd reason implies less risk. Speculators speculate, trader’s trade and investors invest to make money. Traders buy stock or any other object of speculation because they anticipate a price appreciation.

Speculation and gambling are similar, with a few important distinctions. One difference is the perception, sometimes true, that successful speculators profit due to their skill or an unseen advantage, while gamblers prosper due to chance or luck.

Remember though that it may not happen to you but in the end given enough time or chances the odds will always prevail. The casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas were not built with winner’s money.

Another distinction is that gambling in most forms has been illegal (at least until government got involved and changed the rules in their favor) while speculation plays an essential role in our markets and thus our economy.

These important distinctions make speculating which indeed is what our investment industry purveys as an accepted occupation – indeed one with one prestige and gamblers not being accepted in the same light.

Whether a gambler, a trader or a speculator, in all cases the attraction is the same – the chance to make a lot of money in a hurry. It is the immediate gratification of the win that makes these games irresistible - an opiate of sorts.

Indeed problem gamblers have been compared to alcoholics in needing that rush which gives them such pleasure and serves amazingly to release endorphins to relax their troubled minds.

On top of that the unpredictability of the wins serves to even reinforce this addictive behavior.

Not far off of the methods of B.F. Skinner and the rats of operant conditioning fame.

Indeed some people will tell you that “it will almost always end with crying!”

House Plans: The Best Investment Ideas
by: Robert Thatcher

Some people thought that owning a house is the best big investment they could ever have. In fact, according to the recent survey conducted in the U.S., 90% of the primary wealth of the people. They never knew that there is something more than what the house can offer — the house plans.

What people never knew is that house plans are the better investment.

Why? It is because the foundation, the structure, and the beauty of a house depend on the creation and assumption of house plans.

Therefore, it is important to spend some time contemplating on making and analyzing house plans. If ever the plan was not made in such a way that it would provided the optimum protection for the family, then that is not an investment after all.

Hence, it is extremely important to pay close attention to the house plan. Factors that are to be considered when making house plans should be well taken into account. Here are five things to consider when making house plans:

1. Location

Before making house plans, it is important to contemplate first on the location of the lot where the house will be built. Is it near the schools? The market? Or is it located in an area where transportation's are scarce?

The point here is that it is important to consider the location when creating house plans. The design and structure of the house should match the kind of environment the neighborhood has.

2. Lifestyle

Do you prefer to live in the city, or the quiet suburban subdivision living? You definitely do not want to dig yourself a debt hole just to build a new house that conflict with your lifestyle.

When creating house plans, it is also important to consider the lifestyle. The total impression that the house will have on its visitors should greatly reflect the kind of lifestyle the family has.

3. Size of the family

Many houses now are so small because developers have to take into consideration the paying capacity of the buyers.

However, if ever you have the budget and the time to supervise the building of your new house, it is important to consider first the size of your family. For instance, the number of your children will indicate the number of rooms that you have to consider on your plan.

4. Environment

It is extremely important to consider the kind of environment the neighborhood has in creating house plans. For instance, if the area seems to be a hot spot, it is best to include some plans on proper insulation of the house so as to conserve energy consumption.

There are also cases wherein the type of soil is also important in making a house. Therefore, it is best to try to consider the kind of soil the lot area has when making house plans. What good will the designs be if the foundation of the house is literally weak?

5. Law and the government

There are cases wherein certain laws apply when building a particular house. These are known as the zoning laws. Therefore, it is best to consider them when making house plans because there are some laws that limits the height of the house to be built or the percentage of the allowed portion that the house will occupy in a given lot area.

The bottom line here is that the overall foundation and stability of a house is greatly dependent on the proper creation and execution of house plans. No wonder why it is considered by the others as the bigger investment.


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We hope you have enjoyed our articles on investing. Now go make some money, and then after; go plan a nice tennis vacation!

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